How are Carambar sweets part of the French heritage?

Sweets and confectionery, treats that everyone, young and old, indulges in. With a history that goes way back and an exceptional taste, Carambar is at the top of the list for many French people. This has given the brand a certain place, so much so that it is now very much linked to France.

The history of the unusual candy

It all began in the outskirts of Lille in 1954 within the walls of the Delespaul company. The idea was to mix caramel and cocoa in a candy. It is said that because of the lack of handling of a machine, the first result was a long and sticky caramel bar. Others say that no mistakes were made and that the idea for the bar came from a market study. However, the production of the Carambar Caramel bar in a tricolour packaging was launched. Carambar was a huge success, as by 1960 more than 300,000,000 candies had been sold.

Carambar and its consumers

Since its entry into the confectionery market, Carambar has been a growing triumph. Nearly one billion units are sold each year, or 190 sweets per minute in France, to consumers of all ages, especially children and young people, according to statistics. The brand's marketing campaigns certainly play a role. Since the Carambar jokes and the points to collect, in addition to the very affordable price, the French do not hesitate.

A risk of Carambar shortages

Despite the success of the brand, Carambar has changed hands several times without leaving the factory in Marcq-en-Barœul in Lille. Today, a strike is taking place as this historic factory is threatened with closure this year. According to the current owners, the health crisis has forced the factory to deduct wages and lay off workers. The management is also announcing a possible move of production abroad and to another factory. By the end of the year, a stock-out could strike. However, the French continue to fight, a petition is signed and discussions are launched on social networks to save the Carambar factory. A mistake turned into a success or an idea of genius? Whatever the answer, Carambar has been a marvel of the candy industry for generations. French consumers can't get enough of it and keep buying. They all hope and expect it to last despite current events, proving that Carambar is more than just a brand.

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