What is the difference between Champagne and cuvée?

With the century-old french wine industry still growing today, some questions seem inevitable. Winemakers in France have several meanings for the word cuvée that I will try to highlight today. The implication of the word ‘cuvée, may be based on…

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French wines

Why are French wines the best?

French wine is considered the best globally due to its association with a better lifestyle. The French consider wining a culture and an essential part of living. Wine is enjoyed mostly during meals, and it is a mindset for all…

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Can we visit a sewing workshop?

High fashion at the moment has a large place in the world. The people in this professional world, in the fashion category, have the role of creating luxury clothes. The sewing workshop A sewing workshop is a workshop that uses…

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Top 5 best croissants in Paris

At the moment, the croissant is ranked as the most popular French pastry. It symbolises a French tradition. The essential ingredients are flour, water and natural leaven. Each baker adds a special touch to make the best croissant. All French…

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How to get around Paris easily?

The capital of France is best known for its long threads of cars clogging the streets. Every day, millions of people move around the city to go to the office, to run errands, etc. Trying to get around quickly is…

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How are Carambar sweets part of the French heritage?

Sweets and confectionery, treats that everyone, young and old, indulges in. With a history that goes way back and an exceptional taste, Carambar is at the top of the list for many French people. This has given the brand a…

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