The French art of living: what is it?

The French people are, generally speaking, citizens who are particularly fond of entertainment, music, festivities and culture in general, as well as the world of catering and hospitality. The French art of living can be defined in three distinct categories; the art of the table and gastronomy, the fashion of dress and elegance, the pleasure of living and the savoir-être.

The art of the table, gastronomy: the French way of life

French gastronomy professionals demonstrate through their know-how what the French art of living is in the hotel and restaurant industry. The way in which French professionals set up tables in renowned restaurants professionally demonstrates the French way of life when it comes to the culinary arts. The layout and arrangement of cutlery, glasses, plates, knives, wine and tablecloths are meticulously calculated to be perfectly set. The French are renowned in pastry and cooking with their products and dishes from different regions and inherited from the traditional cuisine. Sites like showcase this French particularity. In clothing, the elegance and styles of dress also prove the particularity of the French way of life

Fashionable clothing and the elegant French art of living

The French art of living is also a savoir-être marked by a good external appearance with appropriate clothing showing the French elegance and art of fashion. The French practically love to shop, buy clothes wearing the latest trends. They also change their wardrobe from time to time according to the season, launching sales at department stores. As far as clothing fashion is concerned, the French also prefer to see fashion shows. This proves on the one hand that they have the pleasure of living.

Pleasure of living and savoir-être: the French way of life

Like all other people in the world, the French also have the pleasure of living and the savoir-être, only they are very attached and strict about the right way of life. Knowing how to behave in front of a large audience is part of the French way of life. Table manners in restaurants are very important and significant for the French. Going to a party is also part of the art of living for the French. They particularly love big events such as theatres, cinemas and international sporting events. They also prefer to visit exhibitions and fairs.

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