France a country of culture!

French culture is officially noted by national media. It is defined by the art of living, but it also maintains traditional values, according to which renowned gastronomies, marked particularly by cheeses and wines, and domains such as haute joaillerie and haute couture.

The cultural riches of France

The pride of the French, given its great richness, French culture deserves to be discovered. It owes much of this to its divergence. Indeed, each region of France has its own distinct specialities. Even today, the whole world is influenced by French culture, be it through literature, gastronomy or high fashion. Thanks to the birth of the French language, its culture is what it is today, but also thanks to the enrichment that comes from other cultures. In the face of globalisation, it tries to preserve its culture and its wealth. After the preparation of the administrative and material aspects, it can be complex to discover a new environment.

Culture and cultural policy

First of all, let us differentiate between culture and cultural policy. In France, cultural policy has existed for a long time. France deserves to be congratulated, as many countries want to do this, but do not have the means, ambition or the need for tradition. But France has it all. And it is on these points that their reputation is at stake, since France surprises the world with the simple idea that a country is much bigger not by its geographical surface, but by its culture. And this is indeed the case. Secondly, France is powerful because it is a country of cultures, but not of its culture. It is the country that receives many foreign cultures. This includes endogenous parts. Whether it is the cultures of a former colonial empire.

France's cultural influence throughout the world

It is through the French-speaking world that France has a cultural influence. It is on several continents that French is expressed. It is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. For many countries, the French education system is a good example. France also has a large Exclusive Economic Zone. This allows them to be present throughout the world. And with their former colony, France has maintained a close link. France is also active in international organisations, is a member of the Security Council of the United Nations and wants to preserve the influence of French culture in the world.

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