How can you settle in France?

If you want to settle permanently in France, you need to find out about the entry requirements. The procedures change according to several parameters. You can come to France as an accompanying family, a worker or an entrepreneur. The regulations stipulate different conditions.

Tips for settling in France

To live in France, you must follow certain procedures. The files to be submitted to the embassy may change depending on the nature of your installation. To avoid problems in obtaining visas, you must be meticulous in all the steps to be taken. For an entrepreneur wishing to live in France, it is recommended that you provide proof of the viability of your business. French law provides many rules for living in France permanently. If you are married to a French person, the steps to take are not complex. You must declare your union to the embassy if you are not yet in France. You will then obtain a residence permit.

Requirements for settling in France

To settle in France, you can apply for a temporary residence permit renewable for one year. Several categories of people can take advantage of this alternative (shopkeepers, farmers, artists, etc.). For successful entrepreneurs, it is possible to apply for a 10-year residence permit. It can be issued automatically. However, with a long-stay visa, you can plan a long-term installation. It can be obtained following a work contract or a particular assignment. Visa requirements may change depending on your country of origin. Additional documentation may be required by the embassy or consulate. This will depend on what is at stake in your application.

Everything you need to know about settling successfully in France

Members of the same family can meet in France. The accompanying family can obtain the right of residence. They will have the same rights as the native-born (except the right to vote). For foreigners, the right of asylum is also an alternative to be considered. The law provides for demanding conditions in this respect. If you want to live in France, you must inform yourself about the issues at stake and the various constraints. Your application will depend on your professional activity, once you have arrived, if you intend to apply as an entrepreneur. The files will not be the same if you want to have a worker status.

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