Top 5 best croissants in Paris

At the moment, the croissant is ranked as the most popular French pastry. It symbolises a French tradition. The essential ingredients are flour, water and natural leaven. Each baker adds a special touch to make the best croissant. All French bakeries sell croissants, among others, there is always the best one.

Top 5 famous French croissants

The most irresistible croissant is the result of the know-how of the Mamiche team at 45, rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris. Its croissant has an extremely melting crumb surrounded by a very crispy envelope with a buttery taste throughout. Being the most irresistible, the price/quality ratio will not disappoint you. Next, the most two-in-one croissant is the Raspberry croissant from Bo & Mie: 18, rue de Turbigo, 75002 Paris. You won't need to buy a jar of jam, as it's already topped with a jam of the delicate red raspberry. The most distinctive croissant is from the Sain bakery: 15, rue Marie et Louise, 75010 Paris. Flour from local farmers' cereals and natural homemade leavening make their croissant special. Then baker Gontran Cherrier delivers the most refreshing croissant from France to Australia. Being very crispy and developing a pleasant buttery taste, the croissant of Maison Pichard is the most upright.

Top 2 croissants from Parisian bakeries in 2021

The most perfect pastry is the croissant, with its golden, crisp envelope. The flaky pastry with soft, melting butter characterises the French croissant. Being much more than a simple pastry, the croissant has become a French symbol. Gontran Cherrier's croissant is more caramelised than other croissants in Parisian bakeries. Laurent Duchêne's croissant also topped the list in Paris in 2019. Its chocolate croissant with praline filling makes it very appealing. In France, croissants are considered among the traditional viennoiseries.

Other top croissants in Paris

Olivier Magne makes his croissants in accordance with all baking traditions. The unique taste of this pastry comes from the flour, the natural leaven and the water. In addition to the perfect foliage, it is buttery and fleshy. If you are looking for a local bakery, go to La Maison Pichard. It is open even on Sundays. You can buy the butter-hazelnut croissant at the Sain bakery. Finally, Cyril Lignac's croissant has a melting centre and very crispy ends.

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