Arabica: a noble coffee with a rich taste and aroma!

Arabica coffee comes from a variety of coffee trees that are scattered all over the world. It takes its name from the Arabian Peninsula, more precisely in Yemen. This is where Arabica coffee was first tasted. Arabica coffee is characterised by its mild aroma and slightly milder taste than all other coffees. It is therefore considered to be a distinguished coffee.

What is the origin of Arabica coffee?

The Arabica is also called the Arabian coffee tree and is a plant that is about nine metres tall, originating in East Africa. It was in the Arabian Peninsula, in Yemen, that this infusion was first consumed, which is why it is called Arabica. However, this shrub also grows in Kenya, Sudan and Ethiopia. Arabica is a coffee plant that is spread all over the world. It was also the only sample of the coffee tree that was cultivated since 1865. It is spreading all over Central and South America, as well as in Brazil and Colombia, which have become the major suppliers of Arabica. You can consult this site, Carte Noire coffee, to acquire more information on the Arabian coffee tree.

What are the particularities of Arabica?

Arabica is best suited to high altitude soils, i.e. between 500 and 2,000 metres. Shrubs grown at this height produce more aromatic and less strong coffee beans. Arabica requires mineral and acidic soils. You should know that this plant is very vulnerable, it does not tolerate heat. Arabica coffee trees take a long time to ripen. Arabica is also characterised by its sweet fragrance. Indeed, it has a strong aroma, an exotic taste and an excellent acidity, compared to other coffees. It is also a variety that is most commonly used to obtain mild coffees with a low content.

What are the different varieties of Arabica?

Moka is the oldest variety that has been discovered in Ethiopia. It has never experienced a change since its appearance. Bourbon is mainly found in Brazil, India and the Middle East. Nowadays, it comes in many different colours, such as red, yellow, orange and pink bourbon. Bourbon Acute, which is grown on Reunion Island, is the most expensive coffee in the world. Typica or typical coffee comes from Indonesia and is also the first variety of coffee. Currently, it generally resides in South America. The Blue Mountain grows in Jamaica, this variety is capable of producing a high quality coffee.

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