Frogs’ legs, a typically French dish

Frogs' legs can be prepared in many ways in sophisticated French cuisine and also in celebrity cuisine, such as breaded, simmered, skewered frogs' legs. Moreover, the French are regarded as consumers of frogs across the globe. It must be said that the French eat about 4,000 tons of frogs every year.

Where does the frog leg come from?

The frog or amphibian has been in French cuisine since the 16th century. It was at that time that the French began to taste frog legs. However, this creature, which has an absolutely soft skin and lives in drinking water in the company of wet surroundings, was already eaten in China and Greece in the past. In France, however, it was Auguste Escoffier, a famous chef who is able to create countless dishes that are both sophisticated and delicious, who first devised a recipe with frog legs as a basic ingredient. This dish is called frog leg aurora and it was created especially for the Prince of Wales. The frog leg is a typical French dish, which can be enjoyed as a refreshment, a starter or a main course.

What are the particularities of frog legs?

Frog legs are a unique and sophisticated meal. However, you should know that not all of them are edible. You are advised to eat only green and red frogs. You can try frog legs sautéed with fine herbs, which are easy to make, but very tasty. When mixed with parsley and garlic, their soft and creamy flesh becomes tasty. Moreover, this local, natural, festive snack goes perfectly with either red or white wine.

What else do you need to know about frog legs?

The frog leg is a speciality of La Paillote, a restaurant located at 415 route de la plage in Rochetaillée. The chefs in this restaurant have their own know-how to elaborate a thin texture, in order to obtain a soft and succulent taste at the same time. The restaurant was founded in 1930 and is one of the inventories of the guinguette spirit, i.e. a festive and popular place. A concept based on sharing and friendship around frog legs.

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