Can we visit a sewing workshop?

High fashion at the moment has a large place in the world. The people in this professional world, in the fashion category, have the role of creating luxury clothes.

The sewing workshop

A sewing workshop is a workshop that uses different kinds of fabrics to create various garments. The atelier for a haute couture company creates luxurious and very fashionable clothes. In order to own a sewing workshop, one must first have the equivalent of a BAC pro fashion trade. Then, a sewing workshop should carry out all the sewing on a large scale, the work should be done by a real improvement. The sewing workshop must perfectly carry out the slightest requests made by the customers. And then a sewing workshop should also know how to take the right measurements from the customers.

Fashion Week fashion show?

Attending this fashion show allows you to see the types of creations made by a sewing workshop. Discover in advance the different luxury garments created by a company. Attending a fashion show has seating limits, so reservations are required. Anyone in the fashion industry, business leaders or clients all want to attend a major fashion show to see what's new. For a fashion week in Paris, this will be on Monday 27 September to Tuesday 5 October 2021. For this fashion show, a VIP invitation is also possible, this invitation has more options. VIPs can arrive earlier than the start time of the fashion show and see the make-up and hairstyling. The duration of the show is one hour, the location will be sent by e-mail to all those who have received an invitation, the group size is from 1 to 20 people maximum and the language used is French and English.

Special meeting with the fashion designers

This meeting allows a visit to a sewing workshop, meeting with the great fashion designers and the great designers. It is almost the same as the previous fashion show. However, the duration of the meeting with a French fashion designer is two hours, the appointment will always be confirmed by email, the size of the group is from 5 to 25 people maximum and the language is also French and English. This meeting allows you to discover the great existing couture brands, luxury and famous brands. In order to do this and to get many details and information, you have to send an email to the person in charge. Their mail will explain in detail everything that happens at the time of the meeting and the mail will be a confirmation of place.

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