The Gavarnie cirque: a Unesco World Heritage Site

In the national park of the Hautes-Pyrénées, the cirque of Gavarnie is located. With more than 2500 meters of altitude and in the 30 000 ha of surface, this site is classified in the world heritage of the Unesco in the 90s. Gavarnie is a naturally glacial cirque in the Occitan territory and the greatest reference for hikers in the world.

The Gavarnie cirque

The Gavarnie cirque is the result of erosion 50 million years ago in the Pyrenean mountains. Ice and rivers have thus contributed greatly to the creation of this extraordinary site. Surrounded by more than a dozen giant mountains and the highest waterfall in Europe, the Gavarnie cirque has become a magical place. Thanks to the unexpected manoeuvre of mother nature, the results of the erosions have made the Gavarnie cirque a Unesco world heritage site. Moreover, it has become a must-see site for nature lovers, photographers, painters and hikers from all over the world...

Why is the Gavarnie cirque a Unesco World Heritage Site?

In the 1990s, the Gavarnie cirque, located in the Pyrenees in France, was awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO. This site is just the result of certain climatic upheavals, thus transformed into a natural crown. Successive river and ice flows in the Hautes-Pyrénées have transformed a mountain into a wonderful cirque. This happened millions of years ago. This natural titan is breathtaking thanks to fifteen peaks of more than 2,500 metres in altitude. In addition, it has the largest and most beautiful waterfall in the European continent.

A visit to the Gavarnie cirque, an activity not to be missed

For hundreds of years, millions of people from all over the world have continued to visit the Gavarnie cirque. Its rich vegetation and its fifteen peaks as well as its extraordinary waterfall encourage even more adventurers to visit this world heritage site. The visit of the Gavarnie cirque is accessible to all throughout the year with the assistance of professional guides. This site in the Hautes-Pyrénées is a reserve rich in flora and culture. Consequently, artists, sportsmen and women, as well as nature and travel lovers, can live their passion freely. The thousands of hectares of the Gavarnie cirque are particularly attractive to hikers and professional or amateur cyclists.

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